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Adult Bible Studies and Faith Formation

Adult Bible Studies and Faith Formation


"Adult Bible and Catholic Faith Studies are essential to the sacramental life in knowing and growing in friendship with Christ; building the intimacy that God longs for with us and we with him.”

~ Fr. Norm


Our pastor, Father Norman E. Ermis, the parish Adult Studies facilitators, and I thank you for browsing our parish web site, and specifically our adult studies ministry page. We are glad you are here. If you are a visitor, welcome! Feel free to explore and stay on our site as long as you want, contact us if you wish, and come again!

These studies provide opportunities for lively discussions, faith sharing, time for reflection, and building friendships with like-minded people. If you are a parishioner interested in our Bible and Faith studies, please take the time to review the summary page of these studies on this site along with the details for each one. Each corresponding facilitator is happy to provide information, so contact them if you have any questions.

Know that we are praying for you as you discern the options for fall adult studies! We ask that you open your heart to the Holy Spirit and join us in prayer for Our Lord to guide you in selecting the right study for this place and time in your faith journey and life. Come join us in searching for that peace we all long for in this crazy world and find it in friendship with Christ!

Scroll down for a listing of each of the studies offered. You can register for each of the studies you are interested right from the webpage.


Ree Laughlin

Adult Bible and Faith Studies Ministry Leader

Acts: The Spread of the Kingdom - Facilitator: Patricia Untermeyer

This series will begin on Wednesday, September 14 at 6:30 Pm until 8:00 PM. The Acts of the Apostles provides an historic framework for understanding the rest of the New Testament. Paul’s letters in particular come alive in a new way when they are read within the context of the Acts narrative.

The Bible Timeline: The Study of Salvation - Facilitators: Bill and Karen Walsh

This series will begin on Monday, September 12 at 9:30 AM until noon. This is the foundational study in The Great Adventure Bible Study Series that has helped hundreds of  thousands of Catholics learn to read the Bible.

Courageous Women: A Study of Heroines of Biblical Hoistory - Facilitator: Jeanette Belter

This series will begin on Tuesday, September 20 from 9:30 AM until 11:30 AM. Using the stories of Sarah, Esther, Judith, the Blessed Mother, and other heroines of Scripture, Stacy Mitch helps her readers see how they can follow these examples in their daily lives as models of endurance and faithfulness, courage and risk, vision and wisdom, leadership and strength.

Epic 2: A Journey Through Church History - Facilitator: Dorene Oesterreicher

This series begins January 12, 2017, 10 AM - Noon. Epic 2: A Journey Through Church History is an exciting DVD study that takes you from 500 AD to modern times. See the glory of the Church founded by Christ and understand where you fit into the epic story. Since we offer two “Epic” studies, the other is the first 500 years, please contact the Roberts prior to buying the study guide online to ensure you order the correct study guide


Mary: A Biblical Walk with the Blessed Mother - Facilitator: Ree Laughlin

This series will begin on Friday, September 16 at 10:30 AM until noon. This is an extraordinary pilgrimage that reveals Mary's unique role in God's Kingdom and in our lives. You will learn how she works in our lives today, drawing us ever closer to her Divine Son. Seeing Mary in this way will change you forever. Mary will become a part of your daily life, and in your daily life, you will become more like Christ.

Matthew: The King and His Kingdom - Facilitator: Rudy Molleda

This series will begin on Thursday, September 22 at 6:30 PM until 8:30 PM. Set in the rich context of Jesus' Jewish culture, this study will help participants understand who Jesus is and what his life and teachings mean for us today. Matthew is an ideal follow-up study to the basic narrative of Scripture taught in The Bible Timeline study.

Revelation: The Kingdom Yet to Come - Facilitator: Diane Beaton

This series will begin on Monday, September 19 from 9:30 AM until noon. This study helps the participant see the God we worship as the endlessly loving Father He is. Revelation is also a book about how God reveals so much of Himself to us in our Holy Mass. YOU WILL NEVER GO TO MASS THE SAME after doing this bible study! Your eyes will be opened to the incredible beauty our Mass holds that we take for granted! This is such a unique book in the Bible, it compels you to want to find out what all the rumbling is about! Here is your opportunity to check it out. 

Seven Deadly Sins/Seven Lively Virtues - Facilitators: Bill Walsh

This series will begin on Thursday, January12 at 7:00 PM until 8:30 PM.  Join us as we study Bishop Robert Barron’s engaging presentation concerning the seven deadly sins, those great spiritual blocks that inhibit our flourishing in relationship with God and one another.

Symbolon: The Catholic Faith Explained - Facilitator: Marvin Abley 

This series will begin on Sunday, September 25 from 10:00 AM TO 10:55 AM. In this DVD series, acclaimed author, speaker and theologian Dr. Edward Sri leads the over 25 of the nation’s top Catholic experts and teachers to clearly and comprehensively explain the Faith in a way that helps us know it, live it and articulate it to others.

Symbolon: The Catholic Faith Explained - Facilitator: Linda Grier

This series will begin on Wednesday, September 21 at 4:30 PM until 5:30 PM. In this DVD series, acclaimed author, speaker and theologian Dr. Edward Sri leads the over 25 of the nation’s top Catholic experts and teachers to clearly and comprehensively explain the Faith in a way that helps us know it, live it and articulate it to others.

Walking Toward Eternity -Facilitator: Stella Molleda

Walking Toward Eternity is an inspiring series designed to help you live your faith more fully. Through daily prayerful meditation with Scripture (lectio divina), you will be drawn into an intimate and life-changing encounter with Christ. Daring to Walk the Walk, the first series of Walking Toward Eternity, introduces seven key virtues and outlines practical steps for living them out in daily life.