Good Shepherd

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At St. Peter the Apostle, we offer three levels of the Catechesis. Children work in a specially prepared environment, called an “atrium” with materials that are based on the Montessori method of discovery. The Catechesis of the Good Shepherd was developed in Rome in 1954 by Sofia Cavalletti and Gianna Gobbi, apprentices to Dr. Maria Montessori.

Two basic principles offer the foundation for this program: a strong theological focus with an emphasis on God’s Word and our Mass, and a deep and awe-inspiring respect for the child.Our atrium provides the child a place for reflection and quiet, away from the hustle and hurry of our modern day life. Catechists who work with the children in the atrium are extensively trained in the Catechesis and fill the capacity of the “willing servant,” offering support and help while allowing the child to develop his or her own relationship with God.



Call for class availability - Angela Spino (830) 816-5664.

On Sunday, the Catechists gathered for an afternoon to celebrate The Epiphany, bearing gifts of diapers and wipes to donate to local charities. We began with a Lectio Divina for the Solemnity of the Lord. We meditated on Matthew 2:1-12, pondering and reflecting on many questions like: “How do we give homage; how can we follow the star and spread the light; and how we can use our gifts to help the Church?” Following, we shared a meal and played a game depicting “The Secret Catholic Code” in the song The Twelve Days of Christmas. It was a great day to come together, celebrate our Lord and prepare our hearts for the next semester.