Music Ministry

Director of Music
Joe Cortez

Choir/Music Directors
Joe Cortez, – Saturday-5:30 PM. Mass, Life Teen Band, and Spanish Choir
Carmen Villarreal – Sunday-9:00 AM Mass
Julia Cortez – Sunday-11:00 AM Mass, Children’s Choir

The Music Ministry of St. Peter’s is a dynamic and growing ministry. Parishioners of all ages who enjoy singing and/or playing an instrument share the gift of song at Sunday Eucharist. Vocalists and musicians of varying talents generously offer their time as a gift that enhances the Liturgy for the worshiping assembly. The presence of liturgical music joyfully encourages the active participation of the entire assembly uniting those gathered as one voice in praise of God.

Adult Choirs

At St. Peter’s one can get involved in our Sunday Celebrations of the Eucharist serving as a choir member. Music holds an integral place within the liturgy: it serves to unify and heighten our response to the Word of God. Liturgy literally means the “work of the people.” The array of opportunities to make music at St. Peter’s challenges those with years of musical experience while offering the less experienced a new way to express their faith. Participation in one of our three choirs provides adults and youth the chance to contribute to our communal life in an active and vibrant way. Above all, by fostering a tradition of musical excellence, we become instruments through which God moves and speaks and, ultimately, we help to bring the Gospel to life.

Membership of the adult choirs includes high school youth to seniors. Rehearsals are held on Wednesday evenings at 7:00 AM. and forty five minutes prior to Mass.

Life Teen Band

The Life Teen Band is comprised of accomplished musicians and vocalists under the direction of Joe Cortez. Membership in the Life Teen Band is limited to positions available. Those seeking a vacant position must audition and be committed to attending the Sunday afternoon rehearsals (5:00 PM), 6:00 PM Life Teen liturgies and other occasional Life Teen events.

Children’s Choir

For information about the Children's Choir, contact Julia Cortez