We are an ACTIVE, GROWING, WELCOMING, SPIRIT-FILLED Roman Catholic community nourished by the Liturgy to serve God and others.

Pastoral Council

Pastoral Council

The Pastoral Council serves the parish.  Each member serves on the council for three years, and every year we look for new parishioners to take the place of leaving council members.  New members are selected in November and begin serving in January.  If you are interested in submitting your name to be selected to serve on the Pastoral Council please contact Father Norm.

Each Pastoral Council member serves as a representative for a group of ministries according to the Pastoral Priorities. 


Mark Crews

Vice Chairperson

Mike Lyle 


Kathleen Tong

Priority One: Prayerfulness

Priority Two: Stewardship

Always grateful for the resources entrusted to us, we use them wisely, being transparent and responsible to God and one another.

Judy Gleason

George Santos  

Priority Three: Unity

Grounded in the Eucharist, we embrace diversity among persons, cultures and apostolates, and foster the bonds of charity that reflect the Trinitarian relationship of God, creating a culture of communion.

Elizabeth Davis                  830-249-9369

Peggy Pillar 

Priority Four: The New Evangelization

Proclaiming the Good News with joy, zeal and renewed spirit.

Travis Sabine         830-249-7759

Laura Saenz

Priority Five: Catechesis and Formation

Growing in our faith and knowledge of Jesus Christ. 

Gina Gray

Priority Six: Youth and Young Adult

Emerging Disciples of Christ.

Doug Vogt   830-336-2421

Sharon Mecke