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Revelation: The Kingdom Yet to Come

Revelation: The Kingdom Yet to Come

MONDAYS 9:30 AM - Noon

Length: 10 Sessions

 Start Date: September 19

Facilitator: Diane Beaton, 830-336-2315

Room: Family Life Center #148

Presenters: Jeff Cavins and Thomas Smith

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REVELATION ... the book of gloom and doom?? No way! Revelation is a book of HOPE and LOVE. Revelation can be a book of great confusion. Most people believe that the God in Revelation is a harsh judge to be feared. This study helps the participant see the God we worship as the endlessly loving Father He is. We are His stubborn, hard-headed, hard-hearted children, when He merely wants the best for us ... for us to know real love and profound happiness.  Revelation is also a book about how God reveals so much of Himself to us in our Holy Mass. YOU WILL NEVER GO TO MASS THE SAME after doing this bible study! Your eyes will be opened to the incredible beauty our Mass holds that we take for granted! There is not a part of the Catholic Mass that does not have significant meaning in drawing us closer to God as One Body in Christ in great love and joy. Revelation is not a book of misery and torment, it is an exciting book of the Bible filled with HOPE and the promise of God's perfect love.

This is such a unique book in the Bible, it compels you to want to find out what all the rumbling is about! Here is your opportunity to check it out.


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