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Symbolon: The Catholic Faith Explained

Symbolon: The Catholic Faith Explained

SUNDAYS 10-10:55 AM

Length: 20 Sessions

Start Date: September 25

Facilitator: Marvin Abney, 210-844-3736

Room: Family Life Center #166

Presenter: Edward Sri, PhD

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Catholicism is an entire way of life, leading to a close friendship in Christ aimed at our salvation. It is a call to transform how we live and respond to the world around us. We might be familiar with different aspects of the Catholic Faith, but how does it all fit together?

In this DVD series, acclaimed author, speaker and theologian Dr. Edward Sri leads the over 25 of the nation’s top Catholic experts and teachers to clearly and comprehensively explain the Faith in a way that helps us know it, live it and articulate it to others.

You will learn the core teachings of the Catholic faith traced out in the Creed and Catechism with the goal of knowing the Faith. As the study progress the focus turns to discovery. In the latter part you will learn what it means to reach for an encounter with God in the sacraments and the moral life so that we can be fully living the Faith.

Come and learn about God’s love for us through the wisdom beauty and brilliance of Catholicism. We have a role to play in building the earthly kingdom of God. The seed and initial gathering of the kingdom of God is the Church, founded by Christ to preach the gospel of Christ and bring the good news of our salvation to the world.


“55 Minutes” is a time created for parents of children who are in  EFF (elementary faith formation) to study the Bible and their faith. All adults welcome. Study guides are optional but are available for purchase for those to wish to have one. Go to Light House Media.

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