We are an ACTIVE, GROWING, WELCOMING, SPIRIT-FILLED Roman Catholic community nourished by the Liturgy to serve God and others.




Proclaiming the Good News with joy, zeal, and renewed spirit.

Evangelization is simply spreading the Good News, the Gospel, far and wide. This is what Jesus commanded His followers; "Go therefore and make disciples of all nations..." Matthew 28:18

The ministries that fall into the Evangelization priority are focused on what Jesus asked us to do, spread the Good News!


Alpha answers the call for a New Evangelization! It is an opportunity to explore life and the Christian faith in an informal series of interactive sessions designed to bring people into a personal encounter with the person of Jesus Christ. Sessions include a meal, a talk, and small group discussions. For more information on Alpha contact:

Linda Grier  830-823-2585

Leroy Ferry  210-243-6937

Frances Caldwell  830-388-0001


Barron and Friends

Barron and Friends provides men an opportunity to view and discuss Bishop Robert Barron's videos pertaining to the faith and morals relating to our daily lives. Open to visitors from other faith communities interested in learning the Catholic viewpoint on life and faith. For more information contact:

Bill Walsh  830-755-8204

Rudy Molleda  830-981-9786


Church Tour Ministry

St. Peter the Apostle is rich in 150 years of history. Come and take a tour of the church. For more information, contact:

Darcy Maciolek  830-816-5672

Michelle Pechacek 830-816-5665


Journey Together

Journey together is a book study fellowship of women seeking to explore their relationship with Jesus Christ and other Christian Women. By reading the selected book, meeting weekly and sharing personal reflections, the goal is to strengthen, refresh and enhance each others faith journey. For more information, contact:

Carol Hass  949-689-0118


New Horizons

New Horizons extends a welcome to Catholics who have been away from the Church for a period of time. St. Peter wants them to know they are mised, and encourages them to come back to an active life in the Church. For more information, contact:

Greg & Darla Wolf  210-445-0246 / 830-249-5238


New Parishioner Welcome Ministry

The New Parishioner ministry welcomes new families to St. Peter with personal home visits. For more information, contact:

Kristyn Rohde   830-446-2171


Progressive Dinner

The Progressive Dinner is a great way to meet fellow parishioners. It is a pariah wide dinner for adults of the parish to progress from home to home enjoying the hospitality of the host couple who provide their home or yard for the different courses: appetizers, main course, and dessert. For more information, contact:

Linda Garza  210-394-1161


Sunday Hospitality Ministry

The Sunday Hospitality Ministry provides refreshments after the 9:00 AM Mass Sunday mornings. For more information, contact:

Darcy Maciolek  830-816-5672


Women's Faith Council

The Women's Faith Council are a group of women who serve the parish by building the community through faith based relationships, fellowship and spiritual growth for women in the parish through social and spiritual events and the annual one day Women of the Well Retreat. For more information contact:

Chair: Tiffany Boerner   210-415-7474

Co-Chair: Cindy McCorkle   210-846-3993

Co-Chair: Jamie Pontillo   512-658-9328