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A Journey With the Holy Spirit

A Journey With the Holy Spirit

by Father Dave Pavonka, TOR

Sunday Mornings and Wednesday Afternoons

14 Sessions

(This study is offered twice a week during Elementary Faith Formation)


“55 Minutes” Sunday Mornings / Facilitator: Marvin Abney 210-844-3736

Sundays 9/10/17- 4/29/18 10-10:55 AM FLC Room 166

“55 Minutes” Wednesday Afternoons / Facilitator: Linda Grier 210-823-2585

Wednesdays 9/13/17 - 5/2/18 4:30 PM FLC Room 148 


Streaming Videos and Study Guide Available Online. For info: Ask the Facilitator(s).

In the 19th Chapter of Acts, St. Paul meets a group of disciples who “have never heard of the Holy Spirit” (v.2) The idea of God wanting us to have an encounter and relationship with the Holy Spirit is still a foreign concept for many of us. This study is an attempt to invite Catholics into a more life-giving understanding and relationship with the Holy Spirit. This is a relationship marked by the love of God which breathes life into our daily existence.

The Holy Spirit is not merely something relegated to Confirmation but the Spirit desires a relationship with us that will take us on the greatest adventure imaginable; a journey to the very heart of God.