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My Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

United across 19 counties in 170 Archdiocesan parishes and missions, we are called to live a life of compassion, unity, and discipleship — to be with our brothers and sisters in their journey of faith.

The 2020 Annual Archbishop’s Appeal has as its theme, “Accompany with Joy, Give with Grace.” To accompany is the willingness to listen deeply to the experiences, needs, joys, and hardships of another. It is your response to imitate Christ by sharing the Gospel message of love.

Through our efforts, we will accompany, love, and assist others beyond your parish boundaries by offering to proclaim the Word of God, celebrate the sacraments, and respond in charity. You will evangelize and share Christ’s love through acts of kindness, help the formation of seminarians and deacons, care for retired clergy, and protect God’s most vulnerable — the hungry, homeless, elderly, unborn, sick, prisoner, and lonely.

 As we begin the 2020 Appeal, we are also entering the final stages of the “On the Way – Andale” capital campaign. The Annual Appeal and capital campaign are two different -- but equally important -- efforts. The capital campaign focuses on capital needs for construction and renovation at parishes and educational facilities, while the Annual Appeal supports daily encounters, aiding and evangelizing in our communities as we feed, clothe, shelter, and care for others in need.

Thank you for your prayers and for joyfully giving to the 2020 Archbishop’s Appeal. I am deeply grateful to you and proud of our Catholic community, as we unite once more to become Christ’s hands and feet, offering ministries of compassion and love. Be assured that you and your family remain in my prayers.

Sincerely yours in Christ,
Most Reverend Gustavo García-Siller, MSpS
Archbishop of San Antonio