Barron and Friends

Christianity is not a set of private convictions that we cultivate inwardly or whisper  among ourselves. It is a message that the whole world needs to hear.
We who have heard it must become agents of subversion and transformation.”
—Bishop Robert Barron

Who is BARRON?
Bishop Robert Barron, Ph. D., Auxiliary Bishop of Los Angeles is the founder of Word on Fire Catholic Ministries.  He is also the host of CATHOLICISM, an award-winning documentary about the Catholic faith.  Bishop Baron is a #1 bestselling author and has published numerous books, essays, and articles on theology and spiritual life.  His website reaches millions of people annually.

What is Barron & Friends?
Barron & Friends is open to all men who are interested in learning more about the Catholic faith.  As you will soon see, Bishop Barron focuses on discussing timely topics regarding our faith and how it intersects with modern American culture in particular.  Bishop Barron is particularly interested in discussing topics that may make some uncomfortable, yet he does so in an open, down-to-earth, common sense way that is appealing to all.

What are we about?
Each month we meet in the St Peter’s Family Life Center, room 151 at 7:00 pm to listen to Bishop Barron’s latest video and discuss it.  All men are welcome and they are free to express (or not) their opinions about the topic of the day.  Our meetings usually last about an hour and a half.

For more information:
Bill Walsh (830) 755-8204 • [email protected]