Faith Formation



Faith formation is catechesis (teaching the Catholic faith) that seeks to deepen a relationship with Jesus through an increase of "head" knowledge (education) and heart knowledge (relationship). Our programs help people live and experience a more Christ-centered life. The goal of St. Peter's Faith Formation program is to provide effective ways of teaching the Catholic faith to people of all ages and backgrounds. Ultimately, we want to answer the question: How do we authentically live the Catholic faith in our daily life? 

Please explore the various programs on the website or call the Pastoral Office at (830) 816-2233.

For more information on each youth program, click on the following links to visit their page.

Catechesis of the Good Shepherd (3 year olds – 5th Grade)

Elementary Faith Formation (Kinder – 5th Grade)

Middle School – EDGE (6th – 8th Grades)

High School – Life Teen (9th – 12th Grades)

Early registration for Elementary, Middle and High School Faith Formation is now open.

Registration Form 2019 - 2020 (pdf)

El formulario de inscripción 2019 - 2020 (pdf)

Registration Fees

A recommended minimum donation per year for Parishioners is $75 for one child, $150 for two or more children.  Non-parishioner cost is $150 for one child, and $300 for two or more children.  Payment can be made by Cash, Check, or online payment. Monthly payment arrangements via cash, online payment, or special envelope contribution can also be established. Scholarships are available to help families.




Adult Faith Formation offers a variety of presentations throughout the Liturgical year with most being in conjunction with the RCIA process in our parish. Enrich your faith-life with topics like Eucharistic Spirituality, the roots of the early Eucharistic celebrations, and biblical roots of Eucharist. Also, a discussion and presentation on our Catholic view of Reconciliation has given many adults a deeper appreciation of the Sacrament.

Speakers for Adult Faith Formation are recruited from the San Antonio Archdiocese, Oblate School of Theology, and St. Mary’s University. Read the bulletin each week for coming events, time, and place to enjoy learning more about your faith.