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2018 Camp Covecrest: Week 9 - Life Teen

449td3cj9igvonhe5az8wkrzbbl.png Life Teen Leadership Conference
at Benedictine College

Eight high school juniors and seniors and four adult chaperones attended the Life Teen Leadership Conference at Benedictine College in Atchison, Kansas the week of June 24 – 28. Here are short reflections of what the week meant to these teens and how they came back empowered to be leaders in the Catholic Faith.

LTLC, I would have to say was the best week of my life. Thanks to all the amazing speakers, I was able to learn so much about our Catholic Faith. I also loved building amazing bonds with some of the best people ever. I hope to stay on my Jesus high forever and help lead people closer to Jesus!Jennifer Cortez

LTLC was an experience that I would never have found. Being surrounded by so many other teens that had a passion for the Lord was truly incredible! I learned so much about my faith and how I should approach all areas of my life to be an example of the Catholic Faith.“ Ava Blair

LTLC has changed my life in so many different ways. It not only made me a more open and outgoing person, but it taught me how to share my faith with my family and those around me.” Morgan Buie

LTLC is more than a Jesus high. It’s a week of praising and learning—a life changing experience that brings teens closer to God and prepares them for Christian leadership at home, school, and the parish. In a nutshell you come to understand what it means to lead (which is to serve) and what it takes to be a leader: self-awareness and authenticity. Overall, it’s a fundamental prerequisite for any teen who seeks to become more active in their faith and evangelist duties.” Zachary Musslewhite

My LTLC experience was definitely one to remember. The minute I got to LTLC, I knew I was going to have the time of my life. Having interactions with priests from all over the country in a non-work/church setting was eye opening into the world of holy life. The morning Bible studies were so interesting in the way the connections between the Old and New Testaments were explained. The talks we heard throughout the week were very inspiring and taught me to dive deeper into my faith. LTLC was the best week of my life and has inspired me to not only be a more holy person but a leader in the church community.” Walker Butler

My week spent at LTLC showed me a point of view of my life that I had never seen before. It gave me a new perspective on who I was and what I was doing in my life that kept me from being at my fullest, a leader.” Morris Sallick

My experience at LTLC was empowering. It was exciting to be surrounded by other teens like me who are on fire for their faith and eager to learn more. The speakers’ passion and knowledge of God inspired me to continue to grow in my own faith and strive to have that same passion and share it with others.” Chloe Frey

Throughout the week at LTLC, I was able to develop a more intimate relationship with the Father, and I was allowed to branch and connect with individuals from different parishes, states and countries. During the week, we attended many talks that helped answer the question, “How can I be a leader in my church, school and home life?” I will forever cherish this week and appreciate all that I learned.” Tres Gaiser

About Life Teen

We are a Life Teen parish, meaning we are a part of an International Catholic Movement of the Holy Spirit aimed at Leading Teens Closer to Christ through the intercession of our Blessed Mother Mary and The Eucharist; The Source and Summit of our faith! St. Peters has implemented Life Teen as our Christian Formation program for 9-12 grades.  The Life Teen or Christian Formation classes are called Life Nights. Life Teen is 100% Catholic, teaching the totality of the Truth of our faith, challenging teens to live that same faith.  All 9th-12th grade members of the parish should participate in the Life Teen program as their Christian Formation. Coupled with fulfilling their Sunday Obligation of attending Mass each Sunday and Life Nights, we offer additional retreats and youth group activities throughout the year. Life Teen is not taught by individual catechists, but led by a CORE TEAM of adults who are active in the life of the parish and work each week praying for the teens, connecting with them in a relational setting, and teaching the truth in a comfortable but content-filled program.

Relational ministry is a large part of our program where we as ministers and our core members get to know the teens on their ground (football games, band concerts, plays and so on). Teens are also invited to be a disciple by not only being at Mass but serving as Eucharistic Ministers, Lectors, Altar Servers and Ministers of Welcome during the Life Teen Mass. Youth are a major part of St. Peter's Catholic Church and we continuously do what we can to serve those in need in and around our parish..

Registration Form 2019 - 2020 (pdf)

El formulario de inscripción 2019 - 2020 (pdf)

Families can print out the Registration Form, mail or drop off the registration form at the parish office, and pay by cash, check, credit card, and ONLINE. You may also come by the parish office for a paper version of the registration form.  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call or email Lacey

Our teens love food! And teens with a full belly will learn more....or so we've been told!   x5f6urdefr47xs2f3r9s9282gol.png

We are trying something new this year by asking for monetary donations to provide meals for the Sunday Life Nights instead of having parents cook each week.

The goal is to have each family make a one-time donation so that we will have enough funds to provide meals for the fall semester. We will ask for another donation in the spring semester.

We will purchase ready made meals (pizza, tacos, sandwich trays, etc) that can easily be served in the Family Life Center.

Donations can be dropped off at the church office, mailed or turned into Lacey. Please be sure to mark donations "Life Night Meals." If you have any questions, please contact Lacey at (830) 816-5663.


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