Stewardship: Building on our Past, Securing our Future for God’s Kingdom

Your weekly financial gift supports our mission of making the Parish a place to meet Jesus, by giving meaning and purpose to our lives.  Your contribution assures that our children, teens and adults have the necessary resources to grow in faith.  Just as important, your gift sends a message that our parish mission is important and worthy of support.  For almost 150 years, St. Peters has been a beacon on Main Street, reminding all who pass that Christ’s mission is alive.

Our ministry is alive due to the dedication of many people over the years devoted to passing on the faith and their willingness to help financially in this parish.

What Is Stewardship?

Stewardship is an expression of our gratitude for all of God’s gifts.  Stewardship embodies our commitment to follow the Lord as active participants in our Catholic community.  To become stewards in the Church, each of us should strive to share three valuable gifts with others.  These gifts are time, talent and treasure.

Why is Stewardship Important?

Stewardship is a daily expression of our discipleship.  By giving of ourselves, we strengthen our faith, parish and community.  With stewardship as a way of life, striving to emulate Jesus, we “love our neighbor” and grow closer to the Lord.  We  can bring a new “balance” to our lives— lives of peace and joy centered in God.

How Do I Get Started in our Stewardship Program?

Giving of our time, talent and treasure is not always easy.  Stewardship may require us to establish new priorities for our daily lives.  Embracing stewardship can be a gradual growth process. Just as an individual who wants to run a marathon must train for months or years to achieve his goal, successful stewardship begins with a personal commitment to improve our spiritual lives.

How Can I Contribute My Time and Talent?

There are dozens of opportunities within our St. Peter the Apostle community to give of your time and talent.  From serving as a reader at Mass to serving the homeless, you can find a place to give of yourself.  Identify an outlet that allows you to express your enthusiasm.  Find and area where you can have fun while serving those around you.  Ask yourself:  What do YOU need?  Where do you find meaning?  What makes you thankful?  What gives you peace and joy?  

That leaves treasure; how much do I need to contribute to be a successful steward?

The Bible speaks of tithing 10 percent, which is divided by the Church as 5 percent to your parish, 1 percent to the Archbishop’s Annual Appeal and 4 percent to other charities of your choosing.  At St Peter the Apostle Church, we gratefully acknowledge that many parishioners are choosing to contribute their additional 4 percent to the “Building of the Family Life Center.”  Many people find it difficult to consider the possibility of giving a percentage of their income to God through charitable giving, but Matthew 6:21 tells us that “where your heart is, so will be your treasure.”  We suggest that if you can’t bring yourself to take on the full program, consider starting with some percentage, even 1 percent, and see what happens.  It is not a mathematical issue but rather a Gospel issue.  St. Peter says, “As each one has received a gift, use it to serve one another as good stewards of God’s varied grace.”  (I Peter 4:10)  It becomes a leap of faith, and St. Peter the Apostle Church invites you to take that leap of faith with us.