Liturgy of the Word for Children

Children can now enjoy the Sunday Gospel reading adapted just for them! LOWC will not be offered in person until further notice. We will resume this ministry as soon as we are able to. 

Liturgy of the Word for Children - Sunday, September 27, 2020
Click here to download children's bulletin - Kindergarten & 1st grade
Click here to download children's bulletin - 2nd & 3rd grade


2020 (Video - Kindergarten & 1st Grade Bulletin - 2nd & 3rd Grade Bulletin)
May 24-K&1-2&3, May 31-K&1-2&3, Jun 7-K&1-2&3, Jun 14-K&1-2&3, Jun 21-K&1-2&3, Jun 28-K&1-2&3, Jul 5-K&1-2&3, Jul 12-K&1-2&3, Jul 19-K&1-2&3, Jul 26-K&1-2&3, Aug 2-K&1-2&3, Aug 9-K&1-2&3, Aug 16-K&1-2&3, Aug 23-K&1-2&3, Aug 30-K&1-2&3, Sep 6-K&1-2&3, Sep 13-K&1-2&3, Sep 20-K&1-2&3,

Available for 9:00 am and 11:00 am Sunday Masses
Ages Kindergarten through 5th grade

Liturgy of the Word for Children is an opportunity within the Sunday Mass for children, Kindergarten through 5th grade, to hear Sunday readings at their own level in order to develop a love for Scripture, Mass and to deepen their relationship with the Lord. Children are called forth at the beginning of Mass and dismissed to the Day Chapel. They do not have to register to attend.

Parents: If your child needs assistance or special attention, please feel free to attend with them. Children younger than 5 years must be accompanies by a parent. We try to maintain a respectful environment as this is an extension of Mass and strive for all the children in attendance to be welcomed and engaged in listening to the Word.