Spiritual Direction

What is Spiritual Direction?

A spiritual director listens with sacred presence and attends to the entire person. A spiritual director offers a gentle, non-judgmental and confidential place of welcome. Prayer, contemplation and personal reflection are important to the process of spiritual direction.

Why seek Spiritual Direction?

Spiritual Direction may be something to seriously consider if

  • You are experiencing a new sense of God in your life
  • You are feeling distant from God
  • You are facing an important decision or discerning a call
  • You have a desire to deepen your relationship with God
  • You are facing a transition in your life
  • You are involved in ministry with the Church
  • You feel like you are stuck or at an impasse in your life

What to look for in a Spiritual Director

Spiritual Direction has had a long and respected tradition in the history of Christianity. The desert fathers and mothers were sought out to share a word, to listen, to invite persons into deeper relationship with God. So it is today, as spiritual direction provides revitalization for God's people.

When seeking a spiritual director, one may consider the following:

  • Does the director receive spiritual direction on a regular basis?
  • Does the director take part in an individual or peer group supervision experience on a regular basis?
  • Does the prospective director engender hospitality and empathy?


Bonnie Caruso (in English) • H (830) 336-4473 • C (210) 323-8977 • [email protected]

Mary Ann Hawn (in English) • C (830) 534-7373 • [email protected]

Hector Lopez (in English) (en español) • (210) 862-2848 • [email protected]

Deacon Kenneth Nickel (in English) • C (830) 377-5838 • [email protected]

Dorene Oesterreicher (in English) • H (830) 249-1213 • C (210) 722-6284 • [email protected]

Kelley Ward (in English) • C (210) 502-0184 • [email protected]