Stephen Ministry

Are you going through a difficult time?
Stephen Ministers are members of our congregation who listen, care, encourage and provide emotional and spiritual support to people who are facing a crisis or going through tough times. The care you’ll receive is confidential, free and very helpful.

Call: Patti Jetter, Referrals Coordinator • (361) 293-8643

Stephen Ministry is one-to-one lay caring that provides high-quality, Christ-centered care to people who are hurting. 

Stephen Ministry Testimonial
Several years ago, my whole world suddenly collapsed. One moment I was relatively content, and the next I was assaulted on every front by lifechanging events that profoundly affected my family, marriage, health, finances, and even my spiritual life. I began a journey of suffering that seemed endless. I was filled with an overwhelming sense of powerlessness. Because I had so little control over the outcome of these events, I was overcome with fear and grief. I reached out to the Stephen Ministry and discovered it was a godsend. My Stephen Minister listened without trying to solve my problems. She was at ease with my tears when I needed to cry. She was empathetic without jumping in to cheer me up, recognizing that tears are often healing. She was quick to celebrate my little victories, often being the one to point them out. When I was feeling vulnerable, she’d remind me that I wasn’t alone, because she was walking this road beside me. Stephen Ministers aren’t counselors or therapists, life coaches or relationship experts; they’re wise companions who will walk with you when the journey gets rough. Having someone to whom I could tell my story, and be truly heard, gave me the courage to begin the process of grieving the loss of my former life, and to accept my new reality. I’m deeply grateful for the Stephen Ministry, and especially to my companion who walked with me through the "valley of the shadow of death."