Track Information



The 2018 track season consists of 2 track meets: A zone meet where parishes from Zone 6, including St. Peters, compete to determine who will qualify for the City-wide meet.  The second meet is the qualifier-only City-wide meet.

• The 2018 Zone track meet is scheduled in early March, location TBD. This date is still being determined and includes possibly March 3, 10, or 17.

• The 2018 City track meet is scheduled for Saturday, March 24th, location TBD. This date is subject to postponement for inclement weather or scheduling conflicts with the facility

Each entrant is allowed to participate in two (2) individual events plus the relay.

The top two finishers in each event qualify to advance to the City-wide meet.  If either of the top two finishers cannot compete at the City-wide meet, NO ALTERNATE will be allowed.

Alternates on relay teams are allowed IF the alternate is listed with the team at the Zone meet.  One alternate for teams with 4 runners.  Two alternates for teams with 8 runners.

CYO emblem must be worn by all participants.

Starting blocks, track shoes (with and without spikes), and all shoes containing metal or hard rubber are PROHIBITED.

Shot Put participants must supply their own shot.  Mite through Cub boys and girls use 8 lb shot.  Junior boys and girls use 12 lb shot. Tot through PeeWee use 11 inch Softball.

Age group determination can be found on the age group tab:

Tots:                4 and 5

Tiny:                6 and 7

PeeWee:          8 and 9

Mite:                10 and 11

Cub:                12 and 13

Junior:             14, 15, and 16

Not all age groups are eligible to participate in all events. Some events are boy or girl specific.  See the following grid.

  Tot Tiny Pee Wee Mite Cub Junior
400m Relay 8 runners x 50m  8 runners x 50m  8 runners x 50m  4 runners x 100m  4 runners x 100m  4 runners x 100m
400m Run YES YES YES      
800m Run       YES YES YES
120 yd         YES YES
100 yd       YES YES YES
75 yd     YES YES YES YES
60 yd YES YES        
50 yd YES YES YES YES    
40 yd YES YES YES      
High Jump   Boys only Boys only YES YES YES
Running Long Jump Boys only YES YES YES YES YES
Standing Long Jump YES YES YES      
Shot Put       YES YES YES
Softball Throw YES YES YES