Why Study the Bible?

In their own words...

Why Study the Bible?

Each of us at one time or another asks the question: “Why study the Bible? Don’t we get enough scripture during Mass?” The following brief videos from parishioners who attend Adult Bible and Faith Studies at St. Peter’s may help you answer this question for yourself. Take a look at the brief introduction to each video, then select the one(s) that you feel may apply to you. We invite you to view any one or all of them if you wish. Then see the rest of the Adult Bible and Faith Studies section of this parish web site for detailed information regarding the current studies we offer, Sunday through Friday, Daytime and Evening.



I’m a curious person. When we go to church on Sunday does that 15 minute sermon satisfy your interest? I know that I want more.



God Finds Us:

One lesson I have taken away from my bible studies is that God will find us wherever we are in life. He is there for us, we just have to let Him in.



Good People:

To get healthy and stay healthy you need to surround yourself with good people, I find this is particularly easy to do in these studies.


Share My Beliefs:

I always thought bible studies were for other religions, I really didn’t think they were for Catholics. Then I took a faith sharing course here at St Peter’s.


Continually Learning:

I’m part of RCIA here at St Peter’s I have been taking some faith sharing courses. I am continually learning more and more about my faith.


Converted Catholic:

Growing up we always thought Catholics were not Christians.
As an adult I have learned so much through these bible studies - especially that Catholics are definitely Christians.